Request a payment extension for your YEL invoice or change the instalments

If you cannot pay your YEL contribution on time, you can be granted an extended term of payment for your invoice. Be sure to request a payment extension before the invoice’s due date in the self-employed person’s online service. In the service, you can also change the instalment months and the number of instalments.

Request more time to pay online

You can request a payment extension for your invoice before the invoice’s due date. You can make the change in the self-employed person’s online service in the section ’List of contributions’.

If you defer the payment, late payment interest will be added to the YEL contribution starting from the original due date until the deferred payment date. According to the Interest Act, the late payment interest rate is 12,5 per cent during 1.1.-30.6.2024 (12 per cent during 1.7.-31.12.2023).

Be sure to always use the reference number indicated in your invoice when paying.

Make changes to instalments

If necessary, change the instalments of your YEL contributions at your convenience. You can pay your YEL contributions in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 instalments per year. However, at least half of the contributions must fall due before August.

The selection of the instalment months also affects the amount of your YEL contribution. The most advantageous option is to pay the contributions in a single instalment in January. The contribution is either credited or debited with interest according to whether you pay early or late in the year.

Our YEL calculator allows you try out how different instalment months and amounts affect your YEL contribution. To change the instalments, log in to the self-employed person’s online service. Go to ’Insurance information’ and select the due months you want.

Go to the YEL calculator to calculate your YEL contribution >

In the self-employed person’s online service you can

  • print out a YEL certificate
  • check the information on your paid and unpaid YEL contributions – it can be found in the section ’List of contributions’
  • make a copy of an invoice (pdf)
  • change the number of your instalments
  • request an extended term of payment
  • change your address, email and phone number
  • add a separate invoicing address
  • send us a message – to access messaging, click on the envelope to the right.

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