Occupational health service agreement

Conclude a written agreement on occupational health services with the service provider. Describe in the agreement what services your collaboration includes.

Define the scope of occupational health services in the agreement

Once you have chosen your occupational health service provider, you must conclude a written agreement on collaboration. In the agreement, you describe together the scope of the services you are acquiring for your company. Preventive services are statutory and belong to all (Kela’s reimbursement category I). You can decide if you want to also acquire medical care for your employees and if so, how extensive you want the services to be (Kela’s reimbursement category II).

After concluding the agreement, you will create an action plan together with your occupational health partner based on your company’s needs. In the action plan you describe the activities and the occupational health collaboration in more detail.

The occupational health service agreement must be available to your employees.