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Are you looking for a reliable partner that offers TyEL insurance at a competitive price? We are a responsible pension company and we take care of your employees' pension security in a cost-effective way. In addition, we pay our customers excellent customer bonuses.

Why choose Ilmarinen?

1. Competitive price

We pay excellent client bonuses – for you this means lower TyEL contributions.

2. Comprehensive work ability services

You get access to services developed by top specialists, ranging from survey tools to trainings.

3. Responsible pension security

Our operations are responsible and we invest pension assets profitably and securely.

4. Solvent partner

Your employees’ pension is secure with a solvent pension insurance company.

5. Easy insurance

We are at your service online 24/7 and via our customer service on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

6. Professional service

Our professionals are happy to help you with any questions related to insurance, pensions, and work ability.

Did you know that there are differences in the prices of TyEL insurance?

Yes, the sector’s best solvency and good cost-effectiveness bring cheaper TyEL contributions for our customers. We refund one per cent of the solvency capital to our customers as client bonuses. This means lower pension contributions for employers.

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How much does TyEL insurance cost?

Use our calculator to see how much TyEL insurance costs you. You can also find out how much deferring a due date will impact the contribution.

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Responsible for your employees’ pensions

Everything we do is aimed at providing our customers with the pension they earned from employment. For us, responsibility means that we do our part in maintaining and developing a sustainable pension system. This also means having to earn our customers’ trust every day by acting responsibly.

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