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Media calendar 2021

11 February 2021, Thursday 

Ilmarinen publishes the financial statements for 2020. 

30 April 2021, Friday

Ilmarinen publishes the interim results for 1 Jan–31 Mar. 

10 August 2021, Tuesday 

Ilmarinen publishes the interim results for 1 Jan–30 June. 

28 October 2021, Thursday

Ilmarinen publishes the interim results for 1 Jan30 Sept.  

Ilmarinen's logo

Ilmarinen's logo consists of a white name tag placed in a dark blue background box. The name tag may not be used without the dark blue background box. The background box is not needed, if the name tag is on a dark blue or black background, for example on a dark blue or black printed product.

The colour of the background box is Ilmarinen's dark blue, C100M55Y10K70, r0g39b75, PMS 2965. When used in black and white, the background box is 100% black.

Management’s pictures

Jouko Pölönen

President and CEO

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Mikko Mursula

Deputy CEO, Investments

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Tiina Nurmi

EVP, Insurance and Pension Services

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Kristiina Halonen

EVP, Work Ability

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Päivi Jääskeläinen

EVP, Customer Relations and Channels

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Matias Klemelä

EVP, Finance and Risk

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Mikko Lantto

EVP, Technology and Development

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Leena Siirala

EVP, General Counsel

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Sami Ärilä

Sami Ärilä

EVP, People and Culture

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Liina Aulin

EVP, Communications and Corporate Responsibility

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