Financing from Ilmarinen

As part of investing pension assets, we grant loans to companies. We grant both TyEL premium loans and other loans. Read more about financing on this page.

We grant loans to companies as part of investing pension assets

We can grant loans other than premium loans to companies and TyEL premium loans to our customer companies.

Lending other than premium loans

We can participate in a company’s financing together with a bank or as part of a larger financing group. As a grantor of loans other than premium loans, we are always a co-financer.

We agree on the loan terms through separate negotiations. The terms include, among other things, the loan period and securities.

We can also grant lower-priority loans. These are called junior or mezzanine loans. Such loans are primarily suited for financing corporate restructuring or growth.

Premium loan

When our customer companies pay employees’ pension contributions, i.e. TyEL contributions, we fund part of them into a fund from which we can lend back money. The loan period for a premium loan is a maximum of five years.

A premium loan must be backed by adequate security, for example a bank’s or Finnvera’s guarantee or an insurance company’s guarantee insurance.

The premium loan interest rate levels (TyEl interest rate) are available in the service provided by Garantia Insurance Company. View TyEL interest rates in Garantia’s online service (only in Finnish).

If you are our customer, you can send your enquiries concerning premium lending to

Loan administration customer service

The loan administration customer service is available at