Surveys – assess work ability

How are your people doing? Start using our surveys and find out the state of your work community.

Use surveys as part of work ability management

As Ilmarinen’s customer you get free access to surveys as a customer benefit. See below for instructions on how to start using the service. If you have already subscribed to the surveys, you can log in directly from the Log in-button.

You can use the tool to assess your personnel’s work ability and work energy. 

Start using Ilmarinen surveys

1. Get the necessary mandates

You can find the surveys in our online service.

We use the e-Identification service in our online service. This means that you are able to log in to our service using your personal online banking codes or a mobile certificate even when you are handling your company’s matters. For that purpose, you need either a register role or a mandate.

If you don't have a register role or mandate, read the instructions for getting and giving them.

2. Start using the service and start new personnel survey

As an admin, you can administer email addresses, send surveys and read reports. If you need help, you can reach us on kyselytyokalut (at)

3. Inspire and activate your personnel to tell their opinion

Inspire and activate your personnel to respond to the survey or study.

Survey options

The Työvire survey measures the state of the work community in change situations

The Työvire survey is an agile way to measure the pulse and work ability of the work community, for example in a change situation. You can use the survey in the cycle of your choice. In change situations, you can create surveys each month, for example, and in a more stable situation annually, for instance. There must be at least five respondents.

The Työyhteisövire survey lets you know what works and what doesn’t

The Työyhteisövire (Energy in the work community) survey provides a comprehensive overview of the work community’s strengths and improvement areas. The survey looks into factors affecting the employee experience, well-being and work ability, such as the company’s direction, leadership, capabilities and practices. The survey is for companies with more than 20 employees.

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