Your personnel’s work ability is our shared concern

Good work ability is in the interest of the individual, company and society. Healthy business creates conditions for good work ability, employment and longer careers. That is why we at Ilmarinen wish to help you. Together we can effectively develop work ability and reduce work ability risks and absences due to illness. We challenge you to team up with us to build tomorrow’s work ability.

What is work ability management?

Skilled and abled personnel are a key resource for your company. Work ability risk means the average risk of a company’s personnel to lose their work ability and end up on disability pension. With work ability management we predict, manage and reduce this risk systematically together.

It is an integral part of your company’s strategy and daily management. Work ability management benefits the employer, supervisors and employees.

Did you know?

Work ability management is financially profitable for both the company and its employees. By focusing resources on managing work ability risks you can gain the greatest benefits. By collaborating with us, you can find solutions that significantly minimise the negative impacts and costs of disability.

Work ability management

Good work ability is the goal

The goal of work ability management is to improve employees’ work ability and well-being.

Keys to success

A company’s values and ways of operating are the keys to its success. You will succeed when you co-operate, define targets, processes and indicators and monitor how the implemented in daily life.

Key factors

Work ability management is based on identifying work ability risks early and beginning to manage them. Work ability management applies to employees, work communities’ operations and company practices.

Benefits of work ability management

Reduced costs

  • Direct personnel costs
    • Wages for sick leave periods, pension contribution category, overtime costs
  • Indirect personnel costs
    • Turnover, finding a substitute and orientatio

Improved productivity

  • Decreased absences 
    • Less lost labour input 
    • Less need for substitutes 
  • Fewer health problems related to work 
    • Reduced Aamount of harm caused by illness in the work reduced 
  • Smoother workflow 

Stronger responsibility

  • Better employer image 
    • Personnel commitment and innovation 
  • Good corporate citizenship 
    • Longer careers 
  • Sustainable competitiveness 

Work ability management levels

The structures of Finnish society define what a company’s operating environment and opportunities are.

The company’s practices determine how you manage work ability risks, promote work ability and ensure the well-being of your employees.

Well-being at work cannot be successfully developed before you make sure that your employees’ work ability is sufficient. Similarly, you can improve the employees’ work ability only once you recognise the work ability risks and assess their significance.

You will succeed when you manage work ability in a systematic and goal-oriented manner together with occupational health services (occupational health care). Take risks into account and seize opportunities in order to support employees so that they consider their work to be meaningful, rewarding and an important part of life.

Only an identified risk can be impacted

Of employees, around 80 per cent are those whose work goes well and whose work ability risk is unlikely. For 20 per cent of employees, absences due to illness increase or the return to work becomes difficult. This requires the workplace to deepen its collaboration with occupational health services. It is the workplace’s job to identify in the work and work environment the factors that threaten work ability. These need to be removed or at least mitigated with measures carried out at the workplace.

Supervisors carry out the necessary measures at the workplace so that a return to work is possible. The measures are focused on identified risk. The return to work can be supported with a work trial, job coaching and retraining in co-operation with occupational health care services and the pension insurance company.

The idea behind work ability management is to prevent a possible or even likely work ability risk from materialising.

We will provide you with information and support for assessing and managing work ability risks. This way you can find successful and correctly targeted methods for improving both work ability and well-being at work. We help tailor solutions so that they are adapted to your company’s operating environment and the opportunities it offers.

Ilmarinen is your partner in work ability management

Ilmarinen wishes to be your partner in work ability management. We provide evidence based information and tools to support you. Together with us, you can find ways to reduce the work ability risk and improve work ability so that you can successfully manage your company and your employees' work ability.

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