Anti-bribery principles

We condemn bribery in any shape or form. Through our anti-bribery principles, we strive to prevent and identify bribery. The anti-bribery principles are a part of our Code of Conduct.

We control and prevent bribery 

Our anti-bribery principles are based on the Business Principles for Countering Bribery and their application guide developed by Transparency International and published by the Finland Chamber of Commerce. 

The guidelines apply to all our employees in all situations. This also includes situations where a benefit is offered to an Ilmarinen employee seemingly as a private person, but actually based on his/her position in the company. 

The Board of Directors has approved these principles, and the Board bears the overall responsibility for ensuring that we comply with these principles. All our employees are personally responsible for compliance with these principles. 

As an employment pension insurance company, our operations comprise characteristics of both a private and public organisation. We assess conventionality and reasonableness in a business context from the point of view of a company offering statutory earnings-related pension insurance. Because we also perform a public administrative task, we must apply particular care in assessing which business practices are suitable for us. 

We apply the anti-bribery principles in all of our business relations and operations.  

We also expect our business partners to commit to similar responsible practices. Before engaging in co-operation, we conduct a thorough due diligence study on our partners.  

We make sure that the subsidiaries and partners in which Ilmarinen has a legal right to influence operations adopt the anti-bribery principles and also otherwise comply with sound business practices. Our understanding of sound business practices is described in our Code of Conduct.  

If we cannot directly influence the business practices of our subsidiaries and partners, we actively communicate the sound business practice principles to promote their compliance.