The values of the workplace promote mental health

At its best, work can support and strengthen mental health. Ways of working that are sustainable and promote mental health are built on values and will. This includes, among other things, attitudes towards mental health, partial work ability and to work overall.

What kind of workplace would you like to be?

Could working for you, as a rule, benefit mental health, as long as the requirements and conditions are favourable? Make a responsible decision to develop your company into a workplace where the employees are healthy because of their work and not in spite of it.

Make the well-being of your employees at least an equal target to productivity and profitability. Remember that at its best, smoothly flowing and productive work promotes well-being and mental health and vice versa.

Build the values of the workplace together. Values that have been chosen together are easier to commit to.

Mental health is part of health

Workplace values that promote mental health are based on the understanding that mental health is part of health. An individual’s state of health varies during their career. You should approach mental health risks the same way you approach any other health risks.

Remember that your employees’ health is usually good and that health can be supported, promoted and maintained. The same applies to mental health.

Does work adapt to the level of work ability orpartial work ability?

Make sure that, in your company, employees are able to work as well as possible even when they have mental health issues.

Reflect on the policies concerning all your employees, which enable sufficient flexibility of work and supporting employees’ resources in varying life situations and when their mental health is put to the test. Are the policies in line with the workplace values you chose? How sound must the employee’s mental health be for them to be able to work?