Supporting and promoting the work ability of your employees

Good work ability is in the interest of the individual, company and society. Therefore maintaining and promoting work ability in the workplace is very important. Promote your employees' work ability with work ability management.

Work ability management is financially profitable

Work ability management enables you to improve the smoothness and productivity of work. It allows you to anticipate and manage work ability risk, in other words the likelihood of your employees losing their ability to work and having to retire on a disability pension.

We at Ilmarinen wish to help you. We will provide you with information and support for improving your personnel’s work ability. Together we can reduce absences due to illness and work ability risks.

Come team up with us to build tomorrow’s work ability.

Work Ability Hub – work ability management information and tools in one place

In our Work Ability Hub you will find information and everyday tools on work ability management, such as strategic work ability management, early support, occupational health cooperation, mental health and MSD health. There is information and tools for employers, supervisors, employees and entrepreneurs.

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As our customer you benefit from our diverse work ability services

We offer our customers a wide range of work ability services, such as survey tools, learning environment and online sparring sessions. You also have an access to our trainings and webinars.

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