Self-employed person’s pension

Your YEL income decides the size of your pension. You can retire just like employees.

When can I retire?

As a self-employed person, you can retire just like an employee. In addition to the old-age pension, you can retire on a partial old-age pension. If your work ability weakens, you can apply for a disability pension or a years-of-service pension. The family of a deceased self-employed person can receive a survivors’ pension.

Your retirement age is determined based on your year of birth. If you wish to reduce your working hours when your retirement age approaches, you can retire on a partial old-age pension before your actual retirement age. You can retire on a permanent old-age pension flexibly after you have reached the lower limit for old-age pension.

The pension does not begin automatically, so be sure to apply for it. When your old-age pension begins, your YEL income – based on which your pension has accrued – will be taken into account until the end of the month preceding the start of your pension.

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Handle your pension matters easily online

  • check your pension accrual in the pension record
  • find out your old-age retirement age
  • view your pension estimate
  • submit a pension application

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What happens to my YEL insurance when I retire?

Your YEL insurance will be terminated automatically when you receive a positive pension decision on

  • an old-age pension
  • a disability pension
  • a partial disability pension
  • a years-of-service pension.

Your YEL insurance will not be terminated automatically when you receive a positive pension decision on

  • a partial old-age pension.

Being an entrepreneur while on a pension

You can continue your entrepreneurial activities, start a new business or work as an employee even while on a pension. If you continue your entrepreneurial activities or restart them while on a pension, you may require YEL insurance.

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