Reimbursement of expenses during rehabilitation

You may incur expenses for travel, housing or studies during your rehabilitation. We can provide you with compensation for them. You can claim reimbursements of expenses in our MyPension service.

Travel allowance

When you incur travel expenses due to studies, a work trial or job coaching, we will provide you with a travel allowance. The amount of the allowance depends on the length of the journey and on how often you travel. What means of travel you use does not impact the amount of allowance. The allowance does not always cover the entire cost of travel.

Amount of travel allowance

The travel allowance is EUR 0.14 (EUR 0.13/km 2023). The allowance is based on the distance of the round trip and the number of travel days. However, the maximum amount of reimbursements is EUR 720 per month (EUR 660 per month 2023).

What trips are eligible for travel allowance

You will receive a travel allowance for

  1. trips between your home and the place of work trial, job coaching or study when the one-way travel distance is at least 10 kilometres
  2. trips between your place of study and hometown, if you incur housing costs in both places and the one-way travel distance is at least 70 kilometres
  3. trips between your home and the place where you meet the career coach who helps you draw up the rehabilitation plan, regardless of the travel distance.

If you live in the town or city where you study, you will receive from us a travel allowance for trips between your home and your place of study. The travel distance between locations must be at least 70 kilometres. No more than four journeys can be compensated per calendar month. However, the maximum reimbursement is EUR 360 per month (EUR 330 per month 2023).

If your travel expenses concern apprenticeship training, a paid work trial or job coaching, you can deduct them in your taxation. For that reason, you will receive no travel allowance for them.

This is how you claim the travel allowance

The most convenient way to claim a allowance is to do it in our MyPension service. Log in to the service using your banking credentials and fill in the travel allowance claim form. You can fill in the travel allowance claim form once you have begun your studies, work trial or job coaching. Invoice all trips at once for the entire duration of the work trial. If you have incurred travel expenses due to studies or a long job coaching period, invoice them every six months. Please note that you can apply for an allowance in advance only for trips happening in the current year.  

If you claim travel expenses for both school and internship trips or have work trial trips to several different destinations, please claim these reimbursements on separate applications based on trips completed. Remember to keep a travel log of your trips. If necessary, we may request additional information regarding the destinations and distances to be added to your travel expense claim. You can claim travel allowances retrospectively for the previous six months.

If you study, we require your study certificate at the beginning of the autumn semester in order to pay you a rehabilitation allowance and travel allowance.

Compensation for housing costs

You will receive compensation for housing costs if

  1. you live away from your hometown during your studies, work trial or job coaching and you therefore have two homes
  2. the one-way trip between these two homes is at least 70 kilometres
  3. you must live in another town or city for study or work placement for at least 7 days a month.

You will receive housing allowance maximum EUR 720 per month (EUR 660 per month 2023). In order to pay the housing allowance, we require allowance claim form and a copy of your rental agreement. 

If you need to stay overnight in a town or city that is more than 70 kilometres away from your home, you can receive compensation for temporary accommodation. However, this compensation for accommodation expenses is no more than EUR 120/night (EUR 100/night 2023), and no more than EUR 720 per month (EUR 660 per month 2023). Always agree beforehand with your rehabilitation specialist on any housing costs or accommodation costs if you stay in a hotel, for example, and send us the receipts concerning your accommodation. Please note that you can apply for a housing allowance in advance only for the current year. We reimburse housing expenses in periods of up to six months at a time. 

If your school arranges free accommodation for you, you will not receive any housing allowance. You will also not receive any housing allowance for moving costs or paying a rent advance.

Compensation for study-related costs

If you study, you may spend money on some necessary study equipment, school books and qualification fees and fees for competence demonstrations. The compensation you will receive for them amounts to EUR 300 per semester, i.e. EUR 600 per study year.

You will receive the compensation once each school year, at the beginning of the autumn semester. You do not need to claim the compensation; just send us your study certificate. Send it to us immediately when your studies begin and in August each year for as long as your studies last. If your studies begin in the spring, you can receive your first compensation already then.