Electronic TyEL invoice

An electronic invoice arrives quickly, saves the environment and is easy to archive. Invoices sent online are the most likely to arrive in real time.

Electronic TyEL invoice is an easy option

If you wish to switch from paper invoices to electronic invoices, we offer two options: the e-invoice and online invoice. They both contain Ilmarinen’s account number and reference number and the invoice’s other details, which saves you from having to type them. Order the e-invoice through your online bank. After this, your invoice will be sent to your online bank instead of a paper copy being sent to your business or home address.

You can switch to online invoices once you and your online invoice operator have made an agreement. You can have your invoices sent as convenient online invoices if your company’s online invoice address can be found in the Finnish invoice address registry maintained by TIEKE. You can also inform Ilmarinen directly of the online invoice address you wish your invoices to be sent to. You can always see a copy of your invoices in Ilmarinen’s online service. Read more about our online services

If you use the Palkka.fi service, your TyEL contribution will be generated and shown in that service, and therefore, Ilmarinen will not send you any separate invoices. In the Palkka.fi service, you can choose to receive the invoices on the contributions from the pension company or have them generated in the Palkka.fi service, if you have a corporate user interface. If you have a household user interface, you cannot make this choice; instead, the contributions are always generated in the Palkka.fi service.

Most banks offer an e-invoicing service. Go to ’e-invoices’ in your online bank and order Ilmarinen’s invoice as an e-invoice to your bank. Select “TYEL CONTRIBUTION” as the invoicing subject. Also include your TyEL insurance policy number in your order. An e-invoice contains the same information as a paper invoice.

Once you switch over to using e-invoices the next invoice you receive from us will probably be an e-invoice. When the invoice arrives in your online bank, follow these steps:

  1. Open the e-invoice and read it.
  2. Click the link on the e-invoice to access an invoice that looks like a paper copy.
  3. Confirm the invoice and the program will pay the invoice for you on the due date.
  4. You can go back to the invoice any time – your e-invoices will be retained in good order in your online bank where you can browse them whenever you like.

For more information on the e-invoice, contact your bank.

You will begin receiving online invoices once you make an agreement with your online invoice operator. Operators include banks and companies specialised in online invoices. Once you have made an agreement with the operator, we will retrieve your online invoice address from the online invoice address registry maintained by TIEKE, if it contains your address. Thereafter, you will automatically receive your invoices as online invoices.

When you wish to begin receiving online invoices from us, follow these steps:

  1. Conclude an agreement on receiving online invoices with the online invoice operator of your choosing.
  2. If necessary, get online invoicing software.
  3. You should also indicate to us your
    • insurance policy number
    • online invoice address
    • operator
    • OVT code.

Send the online invoice information in a secure message

You can also agree with your online invoice operator on sending online invoices, which will allow you to start using online invoices to invoice your customers. That way you will save the environment and often a fair amount of money too.

For more information on the online invoice, contact your operator. We deliver electronic invoices according to the European standard on e-invoicing in the Finvoice 3.0 format.