We invest pension assets sustainably

The investment theses are principles guiding investment operations. They lay down how our investment operations are organised and how we will succeed in our task.

Pension asset investment theses

Most important decision
Strategic allocation is the main determiner of return and risk.

Investment horizon
Long-term pension liabilities and their cash flows that can be reliably forecast enable long-term investment.

Investment risks are taken to secure sufficient returns. The sources of the returns change over time and we actively capitalise on these changes.

Market efficiency
In order to generate added value, we take advantage of the markets’ occasional inefficiency.

Risk management
Investment risks are diversified to optimise returns. Not all risks are fully predictable. Responsible investment is a key method for avoiding risks.

Resources and cost-effectiveness
Returns are always assessed after the total costs. We outsource only those functions that we are unable to manage in a manner that is cost-effective and which generates added value.