Your pension estimate

In the MyPension service, you can estimate your future pension amount using the pension calculators. They are an excellent tool for you when you are planning to retire. The calculators are currently available only in Finnish and Swedish.

Calculators for different life situations

If you are not yet drawing a pension, you can make various pension estimates. The pension estimates are always indicative. We can calculate the exact amount of your pension when we grant you a pension.

The old-age pension and partial old-age pension calculators show you how your pay and your retirement age affect your pension. The calculator calculates the pension that you have accrued so far and how you will accrue more pension if you continue working. If you wish, you can try out how a change in your pay, or your YEL income if you are self-employed, affects the pension amount.

The disability pension calculator shows you an estimate of a disability pension and rehabilitation allowance. At the same time, you can see how much you can earn alongside your disability pension.

YEL calculator for the self-employed

If you consider starting a business, use our YEL calculator.It allows you to estimate your pension amount and insurance contributions and see how your YEL income affects the size of the various allowances. Go to the YEL calculator.

Survivors’ pension calculator

When the surviving spouse’s pension is calculated, the surviving spouse’s earnings-related pension amount is also taken into account. The calculator helps you to estimate how much your surviving spouse’s pension would be. Go to the survivors' pension calculator.