Monitor impacts and further develop early support practices

It is important for you to monitor your employees’ ability to cope at work. In addition, your job is to monitor the implementation of the measures promoting work ability that you have agreed on together.

Monitor the impacts through discussions  

Discuss things with your employees. It is the best way to stay up to date on how they are doing and how they are experiencing their work. Build a practice in which catching up on each other’s lives and being interested in your employees is a natural part of the workday. Monitor the implementation and impacts of early support activities.

Monitor the development of absences due to illness together with your occupational health services. Also monitor the implementation and impacts of work ability improving and health-related measures at your workplace. This allows you to plan and focus them better in future.

Assess and develop early support practices based on your experiences. When you share good practices at the workplace, it benefits everyone. Tell the persons in charge of early support activities at your workplace about your experiences and ideas so that they can be taken into consideration in developing these activities throughout the company.

Develop your expertise

When you assess and develop the practices, you also get the chance to grow as a supervisor. Develop your competence, participate in training and dive into the various areas of supervisory work. Leadership, interaction, listening and taking other people into consideration are skills that can be learned and developed.

Remember to treat yourself with the same care and respect as you treat your employees. Don’t agonise over the complexities of supervisory work by yourself. Talk to other supervisors or external coaches about the challenges related to your supervisory work.