Ilmarinen's investments

By investing our shared pension assets, we secure the financing of current and future pensions. Read about the operating methods, principles and results of our investment activities.

We invest pension assets profitably, securely and responsibly

By investing our shared pension assets, we secure the financing of current and future pensions. We invest pension assets profitably, securely and responsibly. As an active owner, we promote the sustainability of our investees. We seek to achieve carbon neutrality in the investment of pension assets by the end of 2035.

Investment allocation

We have diversified our investment portfolio both geographically and across a variety of asset classes, such as equities and shares, fixed income investments and real estate. Below is the latest information on the diversification of our investments.

Pension asset investment theses

Our general principles concerning the investment of key pension assets summarise how we investment pension assets.

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Responsible Investment Policy

We take the environment, human rights and good governance into account in all of our investment decisions. Responsibility is an important part of investment risk management.

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Investment risk management and solvency

We have to ensure in all situations that we are able to pay out current and future pensions.

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As part of the investment of pension assets, we can participate in the financing of companies. Loans can be investment loans or premium loans for TyEL contributions.

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Financial performance

We report on our investment result four times a year. The most precise data on the investment of pension assets can be found in the Board of Directors’ Report on Operations and the financial statements. Information related to the investments’ footprint and the management of ESG risks (Environmental, Social and Governance) can be found in our annual and sustainability reports and our PRI report (Principles for Responsible Investment).

Real estate

We are one of the biggest real estate investors in Finland and a major developer. We promise that the buildings we develop will last at least a hundred years. We take circular economy aspects into account in our construction projects. Our entire real estate portfolio is based on environmental friendliness. By developing the flexibility and accessibility of premises, we ensure that tenants can use them at all stages of their lives.