Learning environment – impact work ability

Receive training in our courses and webinars and study in our online learning environment.

Study in the learning environment

As our customer, you have free access to the Work Ability Hub’s learning environment. See below for instructions on starting to use the learning environment.

The learning environment includes online courses, materials, expert videos and webinar recordings to support work ability management. Take advantage of the diverse content – when it best suits you.

Start using the online learning environment

HR and management

1. Get the necessary mandates

You can find the surveys in our online service.

We use the Suomi.fi e-Identification service in our online service. This means that you are able to log in to our service using your personal online banking codes or a mobile certificate even when you are handling your company’s matters. For that purpose, you need either a register role or a Suomi.fi mandate.

If you don't have a register role or Suomi.fi mandate, read the instructions for getting and giving them.

2. Take a look at the study content

Once you have been given the right to use the service, you can access the study content by logging in to the Work Ability Hub.

3. Inspire your personnel to join

Share individual courses agilely or build learning paths for example to support supervisors’ orientation.

Other users, e.g. supervisors, employees and entrepreneurs

1. Register as a user

Register as a user by creating a user ID and password.

2. Take a look at the study content

Log in to the service.

Webinars and work ability training

Webinars and work ability training

The various training sessions and seminars arranged year-round are intended for supervisors, HR managers and the developers of future work alike. Choose the best course for you and sign up! Most of the sessions are in Finnish.

Take a look at the courses and sign up (Finnish website)

Työkykymestari and Mestariliideri training programmes

The Työkykymestari training programme is an introduction for HR professionals to the basics of work ability management and helps them apply what they have learned in their work. In the Mestariliideri training, supervisors can increase their understanding of and skills in daily work ability management.

Take a look at the training programmes (Finnish website)

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