Online learning environment – impact work ability

Receive training in our courses and webinars and study in our online learning environment.

Study and learn

As our customer, our training, webinars and online learning environment are available to you for free. See below for instructions on how to start using the service. If you have already subscribed to the learning environment, you can log in directly from the Sign in -button.

In the online learning environment, you will find interesting online courses, videos and materials to support work ability management. Take advantage of the diverse content – when it best suits you.

The online learning environment is provided by MPS Prewise and has been developed in collaboration with Ilmarinen.

Start using the online learning environment

1. Log in and register

You can request admin rights to the service via e-mail from Only one person from your company can register as an admin. As an admin, you will receive a registration link which you can pass on to other users in your company.

2. Get familiar with the online learning environment

After registration, you will have access to our online learning environment. It contains online courses, specialist videos and training programmes for work ability management. The online learning environment is provided by MPS Prewise and has been developed together with Ilmarinen.

3. Inspire and monitor

Inspire your company’s work ability management key persons to join by sharing the registration link you received. As an admin you have access to the reporting view, which lets you monitor what courses have been taken.

Online learning environment’s courses and tools

Työkykymestari training programme

The Työkykymestari training programme is an introduction to the basics of work ability management and gives practical solutions to your work.

Work ability management materials

The work ability management materials contain video coaching, guides, forms and specialist videos to support daily HR work.

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