Material to support work ability management

On this page you will find free work ability management forms, surveys and guides for our customers. Choose the most suitable ones for you and subscribe to them by e-mail!


Below you will find order forms for different materials. After submitting the order form, you will receive an e-mail from which you can download the material you have ordered.

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Materials for early support

  1. Order How to address issues -guide

    The guide summarizes the most important things you should keep in mind when talking to your employee.

  2. Order Early support in a nutshell -guide

    The guide summarizes how to make early support as a part of management practices.

  3. Order Early support discussion -form

    It is important to write down the key points agreed together in the early support discussion - this form will support that.

  4. Order a Returning-to-work discussion form

    When employee returns to work after a sick leave, it may require changes in work or work environment. This form helps to systematically write down what has been agreed together.

  5. Order an Early support survey for supervisors

    With the survey you can find out supervisors' experiences on the use of the early support model. With the survey you can for example follow how the deployment of the model has succeeded.

Materials for occupational health collaboration

  1. Order a guide for purchasing occupational health services

    The guide contains advices for the purchaser of occupational health services. The topics are: is it worthwile to change and tender out, the preparation of a call for tenders, and the content and comparison of tenders.

  2. Order a comparison table for purchasing occupational health services

    The comparison table helps to compare offers and their different aspects.

  3. Order a work ability assessment request form

    An employer can request a work ability assessment from occupational health services if they suspect that the employee’s work ability has decreased due to their health condition. Both the supervisor’s and the employee’s views of the situation are included in the request for a work ability assessment.

Materials for promoting mental health

  1. Order supervisor’s checklist for promoting mental health

    From the checklist, you can see what you should consider in order to promote the mental health of your employees at your workplace.