YEL certificate

A YEL certificate proves that your insurance is in force, that you have paid your YEL contributions or that you have been self-employed. Choose one of the four YEL certificates and download it from our online service.

When do I need a certificate on my YEL insurance? 

You can get four different certificates relating to your YEL insurance from our online service. You may need a certificate in the following situations, for example:

  • Your customer wants to make sure that you have a YEL insurance policy in force. In that case, select the YEL certificate or the YEL certificate of validity in our online service.
  • You apply for a place to study and you are required to show that you have worked as a self-employed person. In that case, select the YEL certificate of validity in our online service.
  • You apply to an unemployment fund for entrepreneurs for an unemployment benefit. In that case, select the YEL income certificate in our online service.
  • Your accountant needs a breakdown of the insurance contributions you have paid. In that case, select the YEL contribution breakdown in our online service.

What certificates do I need when making a tender?

As an entrepreneur, you are usually not required to present a certificate on the payment of your YEL contributions, or a so-called contract certificate, in your tender. However, if you have employees, you need to attach to your tender a certificate attesting that you have paid the employees’ pension insurance contributions, i.e. TyEL contributions. Read more about the certificate on employees' pension contributions.

How to get the certificate you need 

To get the certificate, log in to our self-employed person’s online service using your personal online banking credentials and go to ’Certificates’.

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