Self-employed person’s online service

In our online service, you can handle your insurance matters when it best suits you. Log in to the service using your personal online banking credentials.

Self-employed person’s online service 

As Ilmarinen’s customer, you automatically gain access to the online service. Log in to the service in the top right-hand corner of the page using your personal online banking credentials.

In the online service you can, for example, view your YEL contribution information and check the amount of your YEL income and how much pension you have accrued.

If you are not our customer yet, read more about YEL insurance here. You can also take out YEL insurance there.

How should I log in to the online service if I have both YEL and TyEL insurance?

You will get access to your YEL insurance information by logging in to the self-employed person’s online service using your personal online banking credentials.

The information on TyEL insurance can be found in the employer’s online service. You need separate online banking credentials for that purpose. We will automatically send the credentials to the contact person indicated in the insurance application when the insurance has been taken out. If you forget your password, you can order a new one on the online service login page.

If you do not have credentials, you can get them by filling in the online service user agreement (pdf) and returning it to us with secure message.

You can also combine your YEL insurance with the TyEL user ID. In that case, log in to our self-employed person’s online service and send us a message, so that we can combine both your insurances under the same user ID. You can send the message using the envelope icon on the right side.

What if someone else handles YEL matters on my behalf?

If your YEL insurance is handled by an accounting firm or another person, apply for online service credentials for him or her. You can do this by filling in the online service user agreement (pdf) and returning it to us with secure message. Remember to indicate your personal identity code in the agreement.

How to authorise someone to take care of your insurance matters

With a power of attorney, you can authorize another person to handle your YEL insurance matters in our customer service. You can also authorize them to handle your insurance matters in our online service.

Fill in and sign the power of attorney (pdf) and send it to us using the secure message. More specific instructions on how to send us the power of attorney can be found on the document itself.

In the self-employed person’s online service you can

  • change your YEL income
  • check your insurance policy number starting with 46
  • print out a YEL certificate
  • check the information on your paid and unpaid YEL contributions – it can be found in the section ’List of contributions’
  • make a copy of an invoice (pdf)
  • change the number of your instalments
  • request time to pay
  • request to use the (YEL) contribution flexibility option
  • change your address, email and phone number
  • add a separate invoicing address
  • send us a message – to access messaging, click on the envelope to the right.

Self-employed person’s pension matters

You can access your pension matters in the self-employed person’s online service by clicking on the My pension cover button. In the service you can, for example:

  • check your pension accrual in your pension record
  • apply for a pension or vocational rehabilitation

Do you need help in logging in to the online service? Our customer service will help you in matters related to the online service at. +358 10 195 083  (mobile charge or local network charge applies. Mon–Fri, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.).

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