Earnings-related pension alternatives

Earnings-related pension is part of your statutory social security. It provides you with financial security when you retire or it can support you to continue longer in working life.

Old-age pension

You can retire on old-age pension once you have reached your lower old-age pension age. If you retire later, your pension amount grows.

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Partial old-age pension

You can draw part of your old-age pension already before reaching your lower old-age pension age. While on pension, you can work as much as you like or stop working altogether.

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When work ability weakens

Vocational rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is the primary option when work ability weakens. If rehabilitation does not help, you can apply for a disability pension.

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Disability pension

If your ability to work has declined and rehabilitation does not help, you may be entitled to a disability pension.

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What does pension accrue on?

As an employee, you accrue pension on your earnings and as a self-employed person on your YEL income. You can also accrue pension when you study or draw an unemployment allowance or other social benefits.

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Are you already retired?

On our website, you can find important information for pensioners, including the payment of pensions, pension taxation and working while on a pension.

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