Vocational rehabilitation for the self-employed

You can apply for vocational rehabilitation if your health has weakened and impedes your work. Vocational rehabilitation allows you to adapt your entrepreneurial activities to suit your health so that you can continue your work as an entrepreneur. Rehabilitation can also help you start a business.

What kind of help can you get for continuing at work?

For self-employed persons, vocational rehabilitation is most often a work trial carried out in their own company. In a work trial, you adapt your working hours and tasks to better suit your health. Work trials usually last three months.

Vocational rehabilitation can also take the form of job coaching. It allows you to learn new tasks hands-on. You can also complete courses as part of your job coaching. The contents and duration of the job coaching will be tailored to your needs and your situation. You will receive rehabilitation allowance or a cash rehabilitation benefit and increment during your rehabilitation.

If you cannot continue your self-employment due to your health, your vocational rehabilitation can take the form of studies. Retraining allows you to train for a new profession.

Our specialists are there to help you

Our rehabilitation specialists will help you plan your rehabilitation and find out about the various options. When you have received a positive preliminary decision to your application from us, Ilmarinen will assign a dedicated contact person to help you. He or she will help you find a suitable rehabilitation method and plan how you can regain your ability to work.

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Business subsidy to support your self-employment

In addition, you can apply for a business subsidy to develop, continue or start self-employment. You can apply for a business subsidy for the acquisition of reasonably priced tools and machinery and necessary assistive devices and equipment that make work easier for you. Read more about the business subsidy.

YEL insurance during rehabilitation

If you continue your self-employment during your rehabilitation and your work exceeds the lower YEL income limit, keep your YEL insurance in force.

If you start self-employment during your rehabilitation and your work exceeds the lower YEL income limit, you need to take out YEL insurance.

When engaging in entrepreneurial activities during rehabilitation, your YEL income cannot exceed a certain limit. Check the upper limit of your YEL income in our pension service at the number +358 10 195 000 (mobile charge or local network charge applies). We are at your service weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also contact us via the secure chat in our MyPension service. Log in to the MyPension service with your personal online banking credentials or a mobile certificate.

If you want to know more about vocational rehabilitation, send us an email to ammatillinenkuntoutus@ilmarinen.fi, or call our number +358 10 284 2610 (€0.084/min).

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