Vocational rehabilitation is an opportunity

Your ability to work and your health may deteriorate so that you are no longer able to do your work properly. If that happens, vocational rehabilitation may help. Its objective is to enable you continue in working life or return to work after sick leave.

Find out about the options for continuing at work and returning to work

If your work ability and health decline, bring the matter up as soon as possible. Discuss your situation with your employer, occupational health care service or another health care professional. Close co-operation promotes your work ability and improves your opportunities to continue to work. There are many good options available to you. Read more about the steps for returning to work.

When is vocational rehabilitation an option?

Apply for vocational rehabilitation when the other means supporting your return to work are not sufficient or possible for you – and when your work ability has declined to a point where you risk losing it completely. Your vocational rehabilitation can be, for example, a work trial, job coaching or retraining for a new profession. You can apply for rehabilitation whether you are an employee or a self-employed person.

Vocational rehabilitation is an alternative to disability pension

If you apply to us for a disability pension, we will always first find out whether you could benefit from vocational rehabilitation. We can also support your return to work with a fixed-term disability pension, i.e. rehabilitation benefit. In that case, you will receive a decision on vocational rehabilitation without a separate application.

Objective: return to work

The objective of vocational rehabilitation is to enable you to continue in working life for as long as possible. And that the tasks are suited to your health and secure your employment also in the future. In your rehabilitation plan, you tell us how you intend to return to work.

Read more about the help available for making a rehabilitation plan

Help for making a rehabilitation plan

When you need help in drawing up a rehabilitation plan, our partner network’s career coaches are there to help you. Ilmarinen’s partner network offers you help in planning your return to work, regardless of which part of Finland you live in.

Read more about the help available for making a rehabilitation plan

What steps are involved in your vocational rehabilitation with Ilmarinen?

Once you have applied for vocational rehabilitation and received a decision, think of a plan for returning to work. Your rehabilitation specialist will help you every step of the way.

Read more about how vocational rehabilitation progresses

Rehabilitation allowance as income during vocational rehabilitation

You will be paid rehabilitation allowance when the plan for your return to work is ready, we have agreed on it together and you begin a work trial or studies, for example. You can also receive reimbursements for expenses during your vocational rehabilitation.

Read more about the rehabilitation allowance

Apply for vocational rehabilitation and take care of your vocational rehabilitation matters in MyPension service

After logging in to the MyPension service, you can easily take care of your rehabilitation matters. You can log in to the service using your online banking credentials or a mobile certificate. In the MyPension service you can, for example, apply for rehabilitation, make a rehabilitation plan and send messages. Read more about what you can do in MyPension service.

Are you considering applying for vocational rehabilitation? Our customer service personnel will gladly assist you in matters related to vocational rehabilitation. If you have already received a rehabilitation decision, please contact your rehabilitation specialist. You can find your rehabilitation specialist’s details in the MyPension service.

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