Earnings-related pension card

The earnings-related pension card is your proof that you have permanently retired on an earnings-related pension. Many companies grant discounts to pensioners. Be sure to ask about possible discounts for pensioners when shopping or purchasing services.

Who is the earnings-related pension card for?

You get the earnings-related pension card when you are on an old-age pension, full disability pension or years-of service pension.

Persons on a partial disability pension, fixed-term disability pension i.e. cash rehabilitation benefit, partial old-age pension or part-time pension, or persons receiving a survivors’ pension only are not eligible for the card. Persons receiving a voluntary supplementary pension only are also not eligible for the card.

When do I get the earnings-related pension card?

The card will be sent to you by post automatically within around two weeks of the pension decision.

If you live abroad and need the earnings-related pension card, you can order it in MyPension service or by contacting our customer service.

Have you lost your earnings-related pension card?

If you have lost your earnings-related pension card, no worries! It is easy to order a new one in our MyPension service.

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