Years-of-service pension

If you have had a long strenuous career and your work ability has declined, you may be entitled to a years-of-service pension at the earliest at the age of 63.

When can I receive a years-of-service pension?

You can receive a years-of-service pension if

  1. you are at least 63 years old and you have not yet reached your lower old-age pension age
  2. you are not on any other pension (excluding partial early old-age pension)
  3. your work ability has weakened due to an illness or injury
  4. you have performed strenuous and wearing work full-time for at least 38 years and your latest full-time employment continues or no more than 12 months have passed since it ended
    • part-time work is not considered to be strenuous and wearing full-time employment

Applying for years-of-service pension

Apply for years-of-service pension by filling in the years-of-service pension application. Attach to the application

  1. a Medical Statement B issued by the occupational health care service or, if this is not available, another Medical Statement B that describes your state of health, the content of your work and how strenuous and wearing your work is.
  2. the employer’s description of your work, your work conditions and your performance at work. To provide the description, your employer will fill in the relevant form.

If you are found entitled to a disability pension, we will ask for your consent to grant it or, if you are found entitled to a partial disability pension, we will issue a separate preliminary decision on it. If you are not entitled to a disability pension or a partial disability pension, we will not issue a separate decision on it.

Preliminary decision on the entitlement to pension

If you are entitled to a years-of-service pension, you will first receive a positive preliminary decision from us. You will receive it within around two months of when we received your application.

Your preliminary decision is in force for six months. If you wish to retire on years-of-service pension, agree with your employer on your retirement and send us a notification that you will retire. The notification form will be sent to you with the preliminary decision.

You will receive a payment decision when the pension begins

When we have received your notification of retirement and your employer has reported your earnings for the last month before your retirement, we will issue a payment decision. The payment of years-of-service pension will begin during the month in which you retire. You will also receive an earnings-related pension card.

Years-of-service pension application

You cannot fill in a years-of-service pension application in our MyPension service. The application must be filed using a form.

File a years-of-service pension application (PDF) >

Amount of years-of-service pension

The amount of your years-of-service pension is the pension accrued from your work up until the beginning of the years-of-service pension.

When you reach your lower old-age pension age, your years-of-service pension will be automatically converted into an old-age pension of the same size.