Pension accrual

Here you can find a compilation of information on the pension amount and pension accrual. You should monitor the accrual of your pension in the pension record available in our MyPension service. The pension calculator allows you to estimate your final pension amount.

How does earnings-related pension accrue?

As an employee, you accrue pension on your earnings and as a self-employed person on your YEL income. You may also accrue pension on studies, unemployment allowance and other social benefits. The larger your salary or your YEL income, the bigger your pension.

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Pension record

The pension record shows you your work history and the amount of pension you have accrued so far. You can check your electronic pension record in our MyPension service anytime. In addition to your pension accrual, it shows your employment relationship data for the current year.

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You may accrue pension from abroad

You can accrue pension abroad primarily on work, but in some countries it is possible to receive pension based on residence only.

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The MyPension service allows you to take care of pension matters conveniently.

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