How is earnings payment data reported to the Incomes Register?

Data can be submitted to the Incomes Register through various channels. The data can be reported through the technical interface, e-service or on a paper form. You can also use the service.

Reporting of earnings payment data

Report to the Incomes Register all salaries and wages, fringe benefits, fees, non-wage compensations for work, and other earnings you have paid. Also report tax-exempt and taxable reimbursements of expenses and corrections to these earnings.

As a general rule, the earnings payment data should be reported within five days of payment.

Report the data electronically after each payment of wages. Based on the data reported by you, we will be able to quickly calculate your company’s TyEL contribution and your employees’ pensions.

Two reporting methods

1. Reporting method with a lower level of detail

The paid salaries and wages and other earnings are reported with the earnings payment report. Make a separate earnings payment report for each employee, using the income types indicated by the Incomes Register. At a minimum, monetary wages must be reported to the Incomes Register as a total amount, using the series 100 income types. This is the reporting method with a lower level of detail, the so-called reporting method 1.

2. Reporting method with a greater level of detail

You can report earnings data itemised by income type using the 200 series income types. We recommend using the reporting method with a greater level of detail. That will allow all Incomes Register data users to immediately receive the information they require.

Regardless of the reporting method you use to report monetary wages (greater or lower level of detail), fringe benefits and tax-exempt reimbursements of expenses must always be reported separately as separate income types.

Choose the reporting channel that best suits you

Submit the data using the reporting channel that best suits you. There are two options: your company’s own payroll system or the Incomes Register’s e-service.

Technical interface

Submit the data to the Incomes Register conveniently from your company’s own payroll system through a so-called technical interface. In that case, you can submit the data when you pay wages, without needing to log in to a separate service.

Read more about using the technical interface for submitting earnings payment data (


The Incomes Register has its own e-service. After logging in to it, you can submit the data in one of two ways:

  1. upload the file containing the earnings data into the service
  2. enter the earnings data on an online form.

Read more about the e-service (

Paper form only where electronic reporting is impossible

You can report data to the Incomes Register on a paper form only where electronic reporting is impossible. This could be the case if you are a private individual, foreigner, temporary employer or the representative of a deceased’s estate.

Read more about reporting on a paper form on the Incomes Register page (

You can also use the 

The service intended for payroll calculation allow you to easily take care of your employees’ pension cover and other statutory insurance.

These service automatically transfer the earnings payment reports to the Incomes Register, so that we receive the earnings payment data quickly. In general, the TyEL contribution is also created in these services.

If you have a corporate user interface, you can choose, as an employer, to receive invoices on TyEL contributions from Ilmarinen. In that case, the TyEL contribution information is not created in the section Maksut (Contributions). The selection can be made in the section Työnantajatiedot > Vakuutuksiin liittyvät tiedot (Employer information > Information related to insurance).

The above-mentioned selection cannot be made in a household’s user interface. automatically calculates the employer’s TyEL contribution and the employee’s share of the TyEL contribution. The TyEL contribution can be viewed in the service after the earnings payment report has been successfully submitted to the Incomes Register. The information will be shown in the list Maksut (Contributions). is a free-of-charge payroll system for small employers and household employers. The data will be transmitted from the service to the Incomes Register and the service will calculate and create the contributions to be paid. You must take care of transmitting the contributions to the various parties and paying the wages to your employee.