Earnings-related pension provides security in different life situations

Earnings-related pension provides security when earnings decline or end due to disability, old age or the death of a family provider. Handle your pension and rehabilitation matters easily in the MyPension service.

Pension cover is part of statutory social security. Pension accrues on your annual earnings.

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We are there for you at all stages of your life 

Earnings-related pension cover is there for you at different life stages.

Approaching retirement age, 60+

You get to enjoy your earnings-related pension at the latest at your old-age pension age. The longer you continue in working life, the larger the old-age pension you receive. You can also choose to draw part of your pension earlier as a partial old-age pension.

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As a self-employed person you accrue your pension with YEL insurance

As an entrepreneur you take care of your own pension cover. Self-employed person’s pension insurance (YEL) secures your income in the event of old age, disability or the death of a family provider. YEL also determines the size of the allowances paid by Kela, if you fall ill or take parental leave, for example.

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Pensioners can take care of their pension matters in the MyPension service. The service allows you to, for example, change your contact details and bank account number or increase your tax percentage.

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Use the pension calculators when you plan on retiring. Making a pension estimate can help make a decision, for example when you consider taking out a home loan.

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Paid work is not the only thing that accrues pension

In addition to paid work, the pension accrues from study leading to a degree and working abroad.

You can manage another person’s affairs if you are a guardian or have authorisation. A guardian can take a care of a minor’s affairs.

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