Governance and organisation

Effective governance supports our task of managing pension cover. Governance is based on the Act on Employment Pension Insurance Companies, the Insurance Companies Act, the Companies Act and the Finnish Supervisory Authority’s regulations and guidelines. We also voluntarily comply with the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies as applicable to the operations of an earnings-related pension insurance company. On these pages you can find information on our governance and organisation.

The General Meeting is the supreme decision-making body.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the company’s governance and the appropriate organisation of the company’s operations.

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Management and organisation

The members of the Executive Group are, in addition to the President and CEO, the directors that report directly to him, and a representative elected by the personnel.

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Positions of trust

We maintain a public list of the positions of trust of the members of Ilmarinen’s Board of Directors, President and CEO and other management.

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Articles of Association

The Articles of Association specify the company’s business sector and the competencies and mutual relationships of the governing bodies.

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