Transfer your TyEL insurance to Ilmarinen

Transferring your TyEL insurance to Ilmarinen is easy by filling in the transfer application. You can transfer your TyEL insurance if it has been valid for at least a year with your previous pension insurance company. Transferring to Ilmarinen is easy – just fill in the transfer application, and we will do the rest.

Transfer TyEL insurance conveniently online

With the transfer application, you terminate your insurance and indicate to which pension company you wish to transfer it and when. Follow these steps:

  1. Decide when you wish your TyEL insurance to take effect with us at Ilmarinen, in other words the insurance transfer date.
  2. Fill in the transfer application at least three months before the transfer date.
  3. Indicate in the transfer application the date as of which you wish your insurance to end with your previous pension company, i.e. your insurance termination date. You have four dates to choose from: the final day of March, June, September or December.

Your insurance will transfer to Ilmarinen three months after the termination date you have chosen. Depending on the termination date, your insurance with Ilmarinen will take effect on the first day of January, April, July or October.

The table shows when you need to terminate your insurance at the latest for it to start at Ilmarinen on the date you have chosen.

TyEL insurance termination date with the previous pension company TyEL transfer date, when the insurance starts at Ilmarinen
31 Mar 1 Jul
30 Jun 1 Oct
30 Sep 1 Jan
31 Dec 1 Apr

Entrepreneur – transfer your YEL insurance to Ilmarinen at the same time.

Transfer YEL insurance

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