Finland’s most responsible pension company

Our task is to ensure that our customers receive the pension they earned from employment. We succeed in our task when our responsible actions earn us our customers’ trust.

Responsibility for your pension – responsible management of pension cover

Everything we do is aimed at providing our customers with the pension they earned from employment.

For us, responsibility means that we do our part in maintaining and developing a sustainable pension system. This also entails that we have to earn our customers’ trust every day by acting responsibly.

In 2021, we were rated for the fourth time in a row as Finland’s most responsible pension company in the Nordic Sustainable Brand Index survey.

We regularly report on how we manage your pension cover

We wish to offer as comprehensive a picture of our activities as possible to be able to engage in open dialogue about our work and sustainability. Our annual and sustainability report gives you the best understanding of the sustainability of our activities.

In the report, you can also read how pension cover affects each and every person living and working in Finland – at various stages of their lives.

Take a look at Ilmarinen’s annual and sustainability reports in the ’Financial information’ section.

Sustainability means good management of pension cover – throughout life and from one generation to the next

Responsible management of pension cover is something that affects the well-being of our whole society. The continuity of generations, positive development of employment and maintaining work ability foster the success of the pension system.

The Finnish earnings-related pension system is an agreement based on trust between generations: current pensions are financed through the pension contributions of those that are working now, and correspondingly, future generations will finance the pensions of current employees. We fund part of the pension contributions. Because we pay more in pensions than we collect in pension contributions, we cover the difference with the returns received from investing pension assets.

As a responsible pension company, we ensure that our operations are cost-effective. When our cost-effectiveness and solvency are on track, we are able to refund a greater portion of the pension contributions to our employer customers, thus reducing the pension system’s costs.

We report on how we have promoted the efficiency of pension cover management four times a year.

Read more about pension cover

Take a look at our financial performance

We bear responsibility for your work ability. Earnings-related pension insurance offers security if you lose your work ability. The most efficient approach is to manage work ability risks proactively, before problems occur. The early prevention of disability benefits the employee, employer and society alike. This also ensures the sustainability of our pension system.

Read more about how we take care of the work ability risks

We secure the pensions of future generations by profitable, secure and responsible investments. Responsible investment is an integral part of how we manage investment risks and seek better returns on pension assets.

Read how we take care of the pension assets responsibly

Current topics

Article 5.5.2021

Specialist of the Month: Gerald Esono

At Ilmarinen, we take care of the pension security of more than a million Finns. For almost 60 years we have worked together with employers to create a better working life and promote work ability. But who are the people doing this work? Read on to see what our Specialist of the Month Gerald Esono has to say about his work.

Specialist of the Month: Gerald Esono

News 29.4.2021

Ilmarinen strengthens its collaboration with international investors to slow down climate change – joined IIGCC

Ilmarinen increases its collaboration with other institutional investors. It has joined IIGCC – Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change. By joining forces internationally, institutional investors can make real changes happen to slow down the climate change.

Ilmarinen strengthens its collaboration with international investors to slow down climate change – joined IIGCC
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