Responsible pension company

Everything we do is aimed at providing our customers with the pension they earned from employment. We succeed in our task when our responsible actions earn us our customers’ trust.

Working for sustainable development

Managing your pension requires many kinds of efforts. Below you can read some examples of what this means in practice.

Bearing responsibility for your work ability

Work ability, i.e. each person’s ability to perform work, is one of the most important pillars of the earnings-related pension system. The early prevention of disability benefits the employee, employer and society at large. Earnings-related pension insurance provides security also when an individual’s work ability is impaired.

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Building sustainable homes and business premises

As part of investing pension assets, we build homes and business premises that will last long and cause a minimal impact on the environment throughout their life cycle. We continuously develop our real estate further to meet people’s needs in all life stages, while minimizing the consumption of natural resources.

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Helping young people engage in working life

During Ilmarinen’s 60th anniversary year, we launched a project named Mielellään töissä. Its objective was to participate in the discussion on young people’s engagement in working life and the prevention of marginalisation among young people and to find ways in which the young people themselves, schools and companies can support their entry into working life.

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Our successes by far

  • Equity index funds investing in a responsible benchmark index cover as much as 95% of the passive investments in our listed equity portfolio. We have been involved in developing five new ETFs that consider sustainability criteria.
  • We received the international investor network PRI’s Leaders’ Group recognition for our climate reporting.
  • We extended the monitoring of carbon risk in our investment activities from coal to fossil energy sources in general. Our investments in companies that are dependent on fossil fuels are decreasing.
  • We have significantly improved the energy efficiency of our properties. 
  • We promote the circular economy in construction. We take the circulation of all materials into account already in the design phase. As part of this effort, we signed RAKLI’s and the Ministry of the Environment’s demolition green deal that promotes the circular economy.
  • We continued LEED certifications that reduce the environmental impacts of buildings: the Kämp block is now almost entirely LEED certified.
  • We recycled the thermal glass roofs of our office building into glass wool.
  • We renewed our online service to make it accessible and adopted the ‘Equal service for all’ label.

Current topics

News 9.11.2023

Let’s prepare by saving electricity

A year ago, saving energy, the ‘Down a degree’ campaign and power system support procedure were acute themes as Europe began preparing for a serious electricity shortage. Saving energy still matters.

Let’s prepare by saving electricity
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