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Let’s prepare by saving electricity

A year ago, saving energy, the ‘Down a degree’ campaign and power system support procedure were acute themes as Europe began preparing for a serious electricity shortage. Saving energy still matters.

Ilmarinen is a signatory to the Finnish energy efficiency agreements for commercial and rental properties, and the company has focussed on long-term energy savings in its properties without any compromises to the tenants.

Last autumn, when Europe faced an electricity shortage, saving measures were further intensified and this trend has continued this year. Ilmarinen is once again participating in the ‘Down a degree’ campaign, which is coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment with the aim of making unnecessary use of energy a thing of the past.

The indoor temperature of commercial properties was reduced by 1–2 degrees while the temperature of facilities that are used less, such as warehouses and parking facilities, was reduced to the minimum level. Ventilation systems were also optimised, and lighting systems were adjusted.

Moreover, the tenants were given guidance on how to use energy efficiently. Ilmarinen owns more than one hundred office, business, warehouse and other properties, and approximately 4,500 rental flats.

Energy saving tips

We save energy in our premises and provide our employees and tenants with energy saving tips.

We have implemented the following measures in our premises to save energy:

  • We optimise the indoor temperatures of business premises, ensuring health and safety.
  • We reduce the temperature of less used facilities, such as corridors, warehouses, stairwells and parking facilities, to the minimum level.
  • We optimise the operation of the ventilation systems.
  • We minimise lighting in our real estate as far as is possible and safe. We turn off facade lighting, among other things. 

We provide our tenants and employees with tips on saving energy at home, too:

Heating and ventilation:

  • If possible, reduce the temperature in the living area by one degree. This alone will help reduce heating energy consumption by five per cent.
  • Use low temperatures in facilities that are used less (warehouse, garage).
  • Think whether the underfloor heating in your bathroom needs to be on. If it does, adjust it to a reasonable temperature. When you are away from home, switch off the underfloor heating.
  • Adjust the ventilation according to need.
  • Do not use patio heaters.

Water and sauna:

  • Pay attention to your warm water consumption: take shorter showers, use cool water whenever possible.
  • If you have a sauna, use it wisely: could you use it less frequently?
  • If you have a dishwasher, use it, because it consumes less water than washing up by hand.
  • If you have no dishwasher, do not rinse the dishes under running water.
  • Set the thermostat of the hot-water tank to as low as possible but not below +55 °C.

Electrical appliances and entertainment equipment:

  • Switch off devices that are not in use.
  • If possible, wash the laundry using lower temperatures and lower spin speeds.
  • Remove the charger from the socket, once the battery is full..

Saving electricity:

  • Keep track of your electricity consumption with the monitoring service of your electricity provider. Think about your consumption habits and where to create savings.
  • Replace any incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. 
  • Switch off the light when you leave a room.


  • Choose walking, biking or public transport whenever possible. Ilmarinen employees: remember the bicycle benefit.
  • If you have to use a car for commuting, shopping or hobbies, organise shared rides.
  • Drive a little slower.
  • Use the car’s AC reasonably and only when you need to. 

Source: Motiva

We are again participating in the power system support procedure 

The transmission system operator Fingrid estimates that the adequacy of electricity will be good in the coming winter, with a low risk of electricity shortages. Nevertheless, Fingrid will continue the voluntary power system support procedure, which was developed last autumn. The procedure will be continued until spring 2024. Ilmarinen has participated in the procedure from the very beginning.

The procedure aims to make use of flexibility potential – provided by, for example, Ilmarinen – currently outside the balancing power markets and to avoid electricity shortages during the winter period.

In addition to Ilmarinen, nearly 50 other public sector entities and companies joined the procedure. Their combined flexibility potential equalled more than 500 megawatts, i.e. the electrical power of a nuclear power plant. The goal is to keep the flexibility reported to the procedure available in case of any disturbances.

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