Ilmarinen is your strategic partner

Together with us, you can find ways to reduce work ability risks and improve work ability so that you can successfully manage not only your company but also your employees’ work ability.

Co-operation with Ilmarinen

We actively provide information, tools and support for the management of disability risks. We help you to assess your company’s work ability management regularly, so that you will be certain to achieve the management goals you have set.

We will help you understand the reasons behind disability risks. Together, we will create methods for reducing the risk and for maintaining work ability in a way that supports the company’s operations.

We target the support to customers with a larger than average disability risk and where our collaboration has the greatest impact. 

Strategic and operative collaboration

When you engage in strategic-level co-operation with us, you ensure that work ability management succeeds also at the operative level. Our competence is analysing and anticipating work ability risks and providing consulting and guidance.

As a strategic partner, our operations are steered by the following three principles:

  • We develop a work ability management system together with you instead of suggesting only individual measures.
  • Our approach is systematic. The operating principles and practical measures we suggest are evidence based and we define them clearly.
  • We regularly assess your company’s work ability management to ensure that it will lead exactly where you want to go.

As an operative partner we offer you

  • Information and support for assessing and managing disability risk  
  • Information on why your company’s disability risk is what it is  
  • Methods for reducing risk and improving work ability so that you can manage your company and your employees’ work ability successfully 
  • Instructions on planning, developing, applying and assessing a work ability management system and the criteria for the competence of people in critical roles 

The partnership in practice

As your strategic partner, we will build a work ability management package with you. As your operative partner, we focus on the results and details. When you have control over both the big picture and the details, you can achieve sustainable results.

Examples of strategic co-operation areas:  

  • Work ability management system  
  • Goal-oriented co-operation  
  • Early support activities  
  • Recruitment and responsibility policies 
  • Adjusted work model  
  • Workload management  
  • Involvement of personnel  
  • Work ability risk assessment  
  • Career planning  

Examples of operative co-operation areas: 

  • Supervisor training  
  • Occupational health action plan  
  • Early support model  
  • Case meetings  
  • Individual flexible working hours 
  • Sick leave monitoring  
  • Engaging personnel 
  • Personnel surveys  
  • Identifying personal risks and vocational rehabilitation  

Significance of management system – managing work ability brings results

Strategic work ability management means that instead of individual measures, you set a target for the entire operations, plan the structures and indicate the direction in which you want everyone to move together.