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Paying attention to work ability benefits everyone: employees, work communities, and the society. Our services offer information and tools to help you take charge of work ability management.

Work ability, productivity, success

A healthy and energetic work community leads to the best possible outcome in terms of business. With the help of our services, work ability can become a key element in your company’s success. The equation is simple: work ability creates productivity, and productivity brings success – this you can see in your company’s results.


Assess, impact and monitor

Everything starts with identifying the issues. Our experts help you recognise the development areas and find the most suitable tools to create an impact. Our services also help you monitor the effects of the implemented measures. As our customer, you can start using the services right away.



Get started by assessing the current state of work ability at your workplace. With our services, you gain information on the wellbeing of your personnel and the effectiveness of your organisation. We offer surveys to measure the energy levels of your personnel and a mobile service that helps you track the state of your personal work ability. You can access these tools in Luotaamo, a service produced by Hintsa Performance.

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To help you make an impact, our services offer you information, experts’ support, and techniques to strengthen work ability. We offer events and trainings, online training programmes, and a work ability management toolkit. For large companies, we can create tailor-made trainings. You can find these services in Valmentamo. The service, developed together with Ilmarinen, is provided by Prewise. Please note that our events, trainings, and the work ability management toolkit are currently only available in Finnish.

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Realtime information allows you to plan measures concerning your company’s pension insurance contribution and disability risk as well as track the effects of implemented measures. Systematic monitoring makes risks related to work ability more predictable and easier to manage. In our online service, you can see your company’s contribution category and the current state of vocational rehabilitation. You can also compare your company to other companies in the same sector. You find this service in Ohjaamo.

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