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More than 76,000 self-employed persons have entrusted their most important insurance matters into our hands.

Buy YEL insurance in a few easy steps

  • Log in using your personal online banking credentials. This makes your job easier because your details are automatically added to the insurance application.
  • Fill in the missing information – it will only take a few minutes.
  • We'll take care of the rest. If you are a customer of another pension insurance company, we will terminate your current insurance for you.

If you are a new entrepreneur, take a minute to figure out what kind of a YEL income corresponds to your work input as an entrepreneur. When you buy YEL insurance, we will confirm the annual YEL income that corresponds to your work input. Please read more about the YEL income here. You can also take a look at who needs to take out YEL insurance here.

Why choose Ilmarinen?

1. Easy insurance

The extensive online service for self-employed persons is available 24/7 – you can take care of your insurance matters easily whenever it suits you.

2. Professional service

Our professionals are happy to help you with any questions related to insurance and pensions.

3. Responsible pension security

Our operations are responsible and we invest the pension contributions you pay profitably and securely.

4. Solvent partner

Your pension is secure with solvent pension insurance company.

5. Vocational rehabilitation secures your self-employment

If your state of health weakens and affects your work, we can help you to continue as an entrepreneur.

What is your YEL income?

Your YEL income should, at minimum, correspond to a salary that would be paid to a person with the same professional skills on an annual basis. In brief: YEL income is like the sum of money you would pay to another person for doing your work.

Read more about the YEL income

How much does YEL insurance cost?

The YEL calculator shows how your YEL income affects the price of your insurance. You can also compare how the number of instalments and the payment months impact your payment. You'll also get an estimate of your pension and different allowances paid by Kela.

Try the YEL calculator

Your most important insurance

YEL is the most important of your insurances, as it offers you basic security during your career, as well as your pension. It impacts, for example, how large a sickness allowance or parental allowance you receive from Kela and what your unemployment security level is.

Read about what YEL insurance offers


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