The pension record contains your work history

Your pension record allows you to keep track of your pension accrual. Your pension record shows you which of your employment relationships, entrepreneurships and benefits have accrued pension and how much. The pension record is currently only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Who is the pension record for?

You will receive a pension record when you live in Finland and you are an employee or entrepreneur between the ages of 17 and 69. If you are already retired, you will not be sent a pension record, but you can view your working and earnings data for the past five years in the MyPension service.

Your pension record contains information that is worth money. We recommend that you check your pension record regularly. You can find the pension record easily by logging in to the MyPension service.

Choose the up-to-date online record

We recommend that you take a look and check your pension record online to see the up-to-date pension amount you have accrued so far. Log in to the MyPension service and select the option to use the online pension record.

After the selection, the pension record will no longer be sent to you in paper format; instead, it will be available in our online service. By selecting the electronic pension record, you not only avoid archiving or securely destroying a multiple-page record, but you also save time and the environment.

Pension record sent to your home in paper format

We send you a pension record in paper format every three years if you have not selected the electronic pension record or have not checked it in the MyPension service. If you have not selected the electronic pension record, we will send you a pension record in paper format every year after you have turned 59.

Check the data on your accrued pension carefully

It is your responsibility to regularly check that your pension record contains all of the employment relationships, entrepreneurial activities and benefits on which you have accrued pension.

If you notice an error in the employment relationships contained in your pension record, first contact your employer. The employer will report the changes to the Incomes Register, from where they will be updated in your pension record.

If the corrections concern 2018 or earlier years, submit a request for correction in the MyPension service, so that we can approach the employer in question on your behalf.

If the errors concern data that is older than six years, we will require your employment contract, employment certificate, a payslip or another account in writing to contact the employer. Based on the document, we can show your employer that your data needs to be corrected.

The more comprehensive the documentation you can provide us, the more certain it is that we can correct the information that affects your pension cover.

You will receive your pension record from your most recent pension insurance company

You will receive your pension record from the earnings-related pension insurance company with which your employer has currently insured you or with which you have insured yourself as a self-employed person. If you are currently not working, you will receive your pension record from the pension insurance company with which you were most recently insured. If you do not know which company is or was your earnings-related pension insurance provider, you can check it in our MyPension service. If you are already receiving a pension, you will receive information about the pension accrued alongside the pension from the pension company that pays your earnings-related pension.

Your pension record shows you

  • on which earnings and entrepreneurial activities you have accrued pension
  • on what qualifications and benefits you have accrued pension
  • how much pension you have accrued.

Your pension record does not show you

  • work that has been insured abroad
  • your possible voluntary pension cover
  • the amount of your possible national pension.