Employer’s online service

In the online service, you can take care of all your insurance matters whenever it suits you. You will get an access to the online service by ordering an online service username from us.

Employer’s online service

In the online service, you can take care of all your insurance matters whenever it suits you. In the online service, you can, for example, view the details of your upcoming invoices. The TyEL certificate and your insurance statement are only available in our online service. In the online service, you can view the earnings you have reported to the Incomes Register within a few hours of your report. You can view the earnings by employee. This allows you to check that the invoice you receive is based on the correct data.

If you do not yet have TyEL insurance, read more about insuring policies and take the insurance from Ilmarinen. We will send personal online service username automatically after the insurance is taken.

This is how you can access the online service

To access the online service, order a user ID for the service from us. To order the user ID, fill in the online service user agreement (PDF) and send it to us using the secure message. With the agreement, you can also authorise an accounting firm, for example, to manage your insurance matters.

If you are a temporary employer, you can use the Palkka.fi or Oima services, for example.

How to log in to the online service

In the employer’s service, we have transferred to two-factor authentication. Read more about the two-factor authentication. 

You can easily log in to the self-employed person’s online service using your personal banking credentials. 

You can combine all your insurance policies under the same user ID you receive from Ilmarinen by logging in to our online service and sending us a message. Take a look at the online services for the self-employed

In Ilmarinen’s online service you can

  • update your contact details
  • print out certificates
  • view and print out invoice copies
  • check the payment status
  • choose the due date of your invoice
  • check the wages which your invoice is based on by employee
  • view the consolidated payment data on an annual and a monthly level
  • view the annual contribution estimate for the current and the following year
  • request time to pay
  • submit your account number for refunds
  • switch over to using online invoices.

All earnings are reported to the Incomes Register as of 1 January 2019.

Read more about reporting earnings data