Employer's services for you

You can take care of your matters easily and safely online. Take care of your TyEL insurance and payment matters and use the work ability management services, conveniently under the same roof. Log in by using your online banking credentials or mobile certificate.

Log in to the online service

When you become our customer, you can use the online service right away.

We use the Suomi.fi e-Identification service in our online service. This means that you are able to log in to our service using your personal online banking codes or a mobile certificate even when you are handling your company’s matters. For that purpose, you need either a register role or a Suomi.fi mandate.

If you don't have mandates

If you don't have a register role or a Suomi.fi mandate, read the instructions for getting and giving them.

You also have the access to our webinars and trainings

As our customer you have an access to all of our webinars, trainings and events as part of your customer benefits. These are organized mostly in Finnish. Welcome to learn and grow your network!

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