Measure your personnel’s work ability

You can measure your personnel’s work ability in a number of ways. When you carefully specify the indicators, you can develop the right things and make work ability management impactful.

Specify suitable indicators

Specify indicators to suit your company’s sector, job profiles and personnel structure. What matters most is long-term and repeated measurements to help you see the changes occurring in your personnel’s work ability. With this information, you can develop the right areas. This makes for genuinely impactful work ability management.

The following are examples of the most commonly used work ability indicators:

Performance and financial indicators:

  • Number of absences due to illness and sick leave percentage  
  • Number and frequency of occupational accidents and near misses  
  • Contribution category of disability pensions  
  • Amount of overtime  

Survey indicators:

  • Workplace atmosphere and pulse surveys  
  • Work satisfaction  
  • Perceived work ability