Rehabilitation plan

When you have received a positive preliminary decision on vocational rehabilitation, the next step is to make a rehabilitation plan. We will gladly assist you in planning.

What is a rehabilitation plan?

The rehabilitation plan tells you and us how you intend to return to work. It contains information on the measures that will help you return to a job suited to your state of health. You can make the plan together with your employer and occupational health care service.
If you are currently not in an employment relationship, you can discuss your return to work with another health care professional.

You may have come up with a plan on the best way for you to return to work after sick leave, for example.

Write the information down in the rehabilitation plan and send it to us for assessment during the validity of the preliminary decision.

The rehabilitation plan is based on your competence and work experience

The objective is for you to be able to continue in a job that suits your state of health for as long as possible after vocational rehabilitation. A job that allows you to utilise your previous work experience and training and all your acquired skills. Therefore, when making the rehabilitation plan, reflect on how you could utilise your experience, training and skills in your future job. Could you, for example, perform lighter tasks than in your current job, if physically strenuous work is no longer an option for you?

If your health does not allow you to return to your previous job, consider whether retraining in a new field could be your plan. You can also complete a partial qualification if it helps you to transition to a job that is suitable for your state of health.

Send your rehabilitation plan to us during the validity of the preliminary decision

Once your rehabilitation plan is ready, send it to us in MyPension service. If you make your plan during an occupational health-care consultation, also send us a memo on what has been agreed on in the consultation. If you make your plan together with your career coach, we will receive the information directly from him or her.

We will assist you in making a rehabilitation plan

Returning to one’s old job is not always possible due to health reasons, and making a rehabilitation plan independently is not easy. We will help you to make a rehabilitation plan. You can turn to your own rehabilitation specialist for help, and if required, also a career coach.

Read more about how we help in making a rehabilitation plan

The rehabilitation plan supports your return to work

Once we have received your rehabilitation plan, we will assess how it suits your state of health. We will consider what vocational rehabilitation means would best promote your ability to continue in a job that suits your health and how good your chances are to find employment after vocational rehabilitation. Read more about vocational rehabilitation options.

If you are not sure of how to go about it, contact your rehabilitation specialist for help in getting started. You can find the contact details of your rehabilitation specialist in your preliminary vocational rehabilitation decision in the MyPension service under ‘My documents’.

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