Manage work ability with data

Make use of data in work ability management. Knowledge management lets you manage the work ability of your employees better than before. Ilmarinen can help you on your journey towards a better working life.

Use data as part of work ability management

Knowledge management is the co-creation of value between stakeholders. The benefits for you and your personnel are seen as improved work ability and longer careers. Your company benefits when disability costs fall and productivity improves. We provide you with knowledge management services and share best practices from different sectors.

Data-driven work ability management enables you to use many types of data: for example your company’s sick leave data, occupational health service statistics, personnel surveys and summaries of how many applications for vocational rehabilitation or disability pension your company has.

You can utilise the data in many ways. For example, you can use it to

  1. Produce situational information on your personnel’s work ability. This provides you with an up-to-date and holistic understanding of your company’s and your personnel’s history and current situation. 
  2. Build near-future forecasts of the impacts of the personnel structure and develop processes based on them. 
  3. Create long-term scenarios of the transition taking place in sectors and work, and thus obtain ideas to support your strategy work. 

Did you know?

Knowledge management, i.e. refining data to support decision-making has tripled in Finnish companies over the past decade.

You should also consider applying knowledge management to managing your personnel’s work ability.

You can measure your personnel’s work ability in a number of ways.

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Our information service allows you to monitor your personnel’s pension expenditure

In the information service for employers you can monitor your personnel’s pension expenditure based on real-time data. In the online service you can see, among other things, your company’s contribution category, disability pension decisions and vocational rehabilitation situation.

The service also contains benchmark data that benefits the entire business and compares the customer to the sector’s other companies.

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Work ability risk data

The data related to work ability risk can also include sensitive information on persons, which emphasises the importance of data protection. We use data related to persons responsibly in accordance with the EU’s data protection regulation. Together with Ilmarinen, you can manage work ability with information – responsibly, for your personnel.