Manage work ability with knowledge

Use knowledge management also in work ability management. Data helps you manage the work ability of your employees better than before.

Work ability knowledge as part of work ability management

Knowledge management is goal-oriented activities together with management, specialists, data analysts and partners. This means that instead of assumptions and guesswork, data is refined into information, knowledge and wisdom to benefit the operations.

When you manage work ability with knowledge, you can see in concrete figures the benefits for you and your personnel with regard to better work ability and longer careers. Your company benefits when disability costs fall. We provide you with knowledge management services and best practices from different sectors.

Use survey results, statistics and monitoring data

When you manage work ability with knowledge, you can use many types of data on work ability, for example, data on your company’s personnel structure, sick leave reports, occupational health care and OHS statistics, personnel survey results and summaries of your company’s vocational rehabilitation or disability pension numbers.

You can use data and statistics in many ways. You can, for example:

  1. Produce situational information on your personnel’s work ability. Using information produced at different times provides you with an up-to-date and holistic understanding of your company’s and your personnel’s history and current situation.
  2. Combining simultaneous information from different sources allows you to build models that help you understand how work affects work ability. You can use the models to develop your processes.
  3. Based on the above, you can make predictions about the near future and create long-term scenarios on the transformation of the sector and work. This provides you with ideas to support your strategy work.

The benefits for you and your personnel are seen as improved work ability and longer careers. Your company benefits when disability costs lower.

Proceed in knowledge management step by step

Knowledge management requires a way of working that combines four steps:

  1. setting goals
  2. measuring
  3. data collection and analysis
  4. making the results part of the operations.

Plan continuous ways of working. When you operate systematically from one year to the next, you improve at every stage. Read more about how to use knowledge in work ability management.