Why choose Ilmarinen?

We are a solvent employment pension insurance company with excellent return on investments. We work to improve working life and offer competitively priced earnings-related pension insurance – thus helping our customers succeed.

Why choose Ilmarinen?

1. Competitive price

We pay excellent client bonuses – for our TyEL customers this means smaller pension insurance contributions.

2. Comprehensive work ability services

You get access to services developed by top specialists, ranging from survey tools to trainings.

3. Responsible pension security

Our operations are responsible and we invest pension assets profitably and securely.

4. Solvent partner

You and your employees are covered by a solvent pension insurance company.

5. Easy insurance

We are at your service online 24/7 and via our customer service on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

6. Professional service

Our professionals are happy to help you with any questions related to insurance, pensions, and work ability.

Our return on investments is the best in the sector

We invest your pension assets profitably, securely and responsibly. Our investment returns are the best in the sector in the long term.


We manage pensions cost-effectively

We manage your pension responsibly and cost-effectively. As our customer, you benefit from our efficiency, which we improve continuously.

Responsibility shows in everything we do

Why is responsibility important?

As our customer, you get to join the journey of a responsible pension insurance company. To us, responsible management of pension provision means that we wish to operate in a way that is as customer-focused and cost-effective as possible, while at the same time continuously improving our operations.

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Aiming for a carbon neutral investment portfolio 2035

Our goal is to achieve a carbon-neutral investment portfolio by the end of 2035. As a major investor, we wish to take climate risks as well as new business opportunities into account and to influence our investees to take concrete action and reduce their emissions.

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Sustainability highlights

  • We will invest pension assets carbon-neutral by 2035. Our climate road map illustrates the steps we are taking towards the goal.
  • We significantly improved the energy efficiency of our properties.
  • We recycled the thermal glass roofs of our office building into glass wool.
  • We renewed our online service to make it accessible and adopted the ‘Equal service for all’ label.

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