Fixed-term disability pension, i.e. cash rehabilitation benefit

If your work ability is likely to improve or you can regain your ability to work through treatment or medical rehabilitation, for example, your pension will be granted in the form of a fixed-term cash rehabilitation benefit.

What is a cash rehabilitation benefit?

A cash rehabilitation benefit is a fixed-term disability pension. It can be granted when your work ability has been impaired but we estimate that it will improve.

You will receive the cash rehabilitation benefit during your rehabilitation, which is the time it will take you to regain your ability to work. It can be granted when, for example, your recovery from an illness takes at least one year and you do not receive sickness allowance. Your cash rehabilitation benefit will usually begin at the beginning of the month following the end of your sickness allowance.

Partial cash rehabilitation benefit

The cash rehabilitation benefit will be granted to you in the form a partial cash rehabilitation benefit if your work ability has been partially impaired. A partial cash rehabilitation benefit is a partial fixed-term disability pension. Its amount is half of a full cash rehabilitation benefit. Read more about the partial disability pension.

Applying for the cash rehabilitation benefit

Apply for the cash rehabilitation benefit by filling in the disability pension form. The easiest way to apply for pension is in our MyPension service. Attach to the application a Medical Statement B that is no older than six months and the other necessary documents. 

Once you have sent the application, you can track its processing in the MyPension service. You will receive a pension decision within around two months of the arrival of your application. 

If you are simultaneously applying for a pension paid by Kela, we will send the application to Kela on your behalf. For more information on the pensions paid by Kela, contact Kela (

Eligibility for vocational rehabilitation

When you apply for the cash rehabilitation benefit, we will also assess your eligibility for vocational rehabilitation. You may receive a preliminary vocational rehabilitation decision with the decision on the cash rehabilitation benefit.

Vocational rehabilitation is the primary option when work ability has declined. We will help you return to working life, to a job suited to your state of health.

If you have received a decision on vocational rehabilitation, you can start planning your return to work, through a work trial, for example, while drawing the cash rehabilitation benefit. Read more about vocational rehabilitation.

Be sure to apply for an extension to your cash rehabilitation benefit, if necessary

A cash rehabilitation benefit is a fixed-term disability pension. If your cash rehabilitation benefit is ending and you have not regained your ability to work, you can apply for an extension to the cash rehabilitation benefit. If your work ability has been permanently impaired, you will be granted a permanent disability pension.

To apply for an extension, you will only need to send a new, no older than six months, Medical Statement B to us. Please send the new Medical Statement B around two months before the end of the cash rehabilitation benefit.

Send the new Medical Statement B in the MyPension service under ’Apply for pension – Apply for an extension.’

Amount of cash rehabilitation benefit

The amount of cash rehabilitation benefit equals that of disability pension. Read more about the amount of disability pension.