Supervisory Board

Hallintoneuvoston tehtävänä on valvoa hallituksen ja toimitusjohtajan hoitamaa yhtiön hallintoa. Tällä sivulla voit tutustua tarkemmin Ilmarisen hallintoneuvoston tehtävään, jäseniin ja toimintaan.

The Supervisory Board supervises the corporate governance managed by the Board of Directors and President and CEO

The Supervisory Board’s task is to supervise the corporate governance managed by the company’s Board of Directors and President and CEO. The Supervisory Board also carries out its supervisory task by electing the necessary number of its members at a time to familiarise themselves with the company’s investment and pension decision operations. The Supervisory Board also elects the members of the Board of Directors and the Election Committee and decides on the members’ remuneration.

The General Meeting elects the Supervisory Board’s members, whose maximum number is 30. At least a third of the members must be elected from among the persons nominated by the key central organisations representing employees. At least a sixth of the members must be elected from among the persons nominated by the key central organisations representing employers. In its policy concerning the election and diversity of the Supervisory Board, the Supervisory Board has outlined the requirements that the Supervisory Board must meet. The diversity of the Supervisory Board is examined as a whole. The composition of the Supervisory Board must meet regulatory requirements. The objective is to have both genders represented on the Supervisory Board.

The term of office of the Supervisory Board members is three years, and at most a third of the members are due to resign annually.

The Supervisory Board elects a chairperson and two deputy chairpersons from among its members. Either the chairperson or one of the deputy chairpersons shall be a person nominated by representatives of the insured. If the person nominated by the representatives of the insured is not elected as the chairperson, this person shall act as the primary deputy to the chairperson.

Ilmarinen’s Supervisory Board


  • Ilkka Hämälä, b. 1961, CEO, Metsä Group, term expires in 2023

Deputy Chairmen

  • Juhapekka Joronen, b. 1971, Chair of the Board, SOL Palvelut Oy, term expires in 2023
  • Salla Luomanmäki, b. 1963, Executive Director, Akava Special Branches, term expires in 2025


  • Markus Ainasoja, b. 1967, Personnel Manager, The Finnish Construction Trade Union, term expires in 2023
  • Martti Ala-Härkönen, b. 1965, CFO, Neste Corporation, term expires in 2025
  • Bianca Brink, b. 1960, CEO, Sodexo Oy, term expires in 2023
  • Elina Engman, b. 1970, Executive Vice President, Caverion Corporation, Caverion Industry, term expires in 2025
  • Liisa Halme, b. 1959, Liaison Manager, Trade Union Pro, term expires in 2024
  • Eero Hautaniemi, b. 1965, President and CEO, Lassila & Tikanoja Plc, term expires in 2025
  • Jussi Herlin, b. 1984, Vice Chair of the Board, KONE Corporation, term expires in 2024
  • Jari Jokinen, b. 1967, CEO, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland, term expires in 2024
  • Pia Kalsta, b. 1970, CEO, Sanoma Media Finland Oy, term expires in 2025
  • Tuija Keronen, b. 1970, Managing Director, Lowell Nordics Oy, term expires in 2024
  • Turkka Kuusisto, b. 1979, President and CEO, Posti Group Corporation, term expires in 2024
  • Juha Laurio, b. 1972, President and CEO, Lindström Oy, term expires in 2025
  • Heidi Lehikoinen, b. 1983, CEO, Service Union United PAM, term expires in 2025
  • Turja Lehtonen, b. 1970, 1st Vice Chairman, Industrial Union, term expires in 2024
  • Veli-Matti Liimatainen, b. 1969, CEO, Helsinki Cooperative Society Elanto, term expires in 2025
  • Hannakaisa Länsisalmi, b. 1970, Chief Human Resources Officer, OP Financial Group, term expires in 2023
  • Topi Manner, b. 1974, President and CEO, Finnair Oyj, term expires in 2024
  • Markku Moilanen, b. 1961, President and CEO YIT Corporation, term expires in 2024
  • Jukka Moisio, b. 1961, President and CEO, Nokian Tyres Plc, term expires in 2024
  • Heidi Nieminen, b. 1979, Chairman, The Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU, term expires in 2023
  • Matti Peltola, b. 1962, Managing Director, Trade Association of Finnish Forestry and Earthmoving Contractors, term expires in 2023
  • Minea Pyykönen, b. 1967, Director of Service sector, Trade Union Pro, term expires in 2023
  • Riitta Savonlahti, b. 1964, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, UPM-Kymmene Corporation, term expires in 2025
  • Pauliina Tenhunen, b. 1966, Partner, Castrén & Snellman, term expires in 2025
  • Jore Tilander, b. 1965, Executive Director, The Association of Finnish Lawyers, term expires in 2023
  • Pirjo Väänänen, 1971, Head of Social Affairs, The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK, term expires in 2024
  • Jani Ylälehto, b. 1974, Chairman, Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL, term expires in 2023

Supervisors of Pension Decision Operations


  • Bianca Brink
  • Juhapekka Joronen
  • Salla Luomanmäki
  • Hannakaisa Länsisalmi
  • Riitta Savonlahti
  • Pirjo Väänänen

Deputy members

  • Jussi Herlin
  • Jari Jokinen
  • Juha Laurio
  • Turja Lehtonen
  • Jukka Moisio
  • Minea Pyykönen

Supervisors of Investment Operations


  • Eero Hautaniemi
  • Pia Kalsta
  • Markku Moilanen
  • Heidi Nieminen
  • Matti Peltola
  • Jore Tilander

Deputy members

  • Markus Ainasoja
  • Liisa Halme
  • Tuija Keronen
  • Turkka Kuusisto
  • Pauliina Tenhunen
  • Jani Ylälehto

Information about Ilmarinen’s Supervisory Board’s activities

More information about the Supervisory Board’s activities is available here (in Finnish).