Partial disability pension

A partial disability pension secures your income if your work ability has declined but you are able to work part-time. If you start working part-time, you will be paid a pension in addition to your salary. If you stop working altogether, you may be eligible for unemployment allowance in addition to your pension.

When can I receive a partial disability pension?

You can receive a partial disability pension if

  • you are at least 17 years old and you have not yet reached your lower old-age pension age
  • in addition, your work ability must have been partially reduced for at least one year due to an illness, an injury or a disability.

When assessing the decline in your work ability, we take into account your remaining work ability. The partial disability pension can be granted until further notice or as a fixed-term partial cash rehabilitation benefit. Read more about how the reduction of work ability is assessed.

  1. 1. Apply for a partial disability pension

    Apply for a partial disability pension by filling in a disability pension application in our MyPension service. Attach to the application a Medical Statement B that is no older than six months and any other documents. Once you have sent the application, you can track its processing online.

  2. 2. You receive a preliminary decision

    Once your partial disability has been assessed, you will receive a preliminary decision within around two months of when we received your application.
    A positive preliminary decision includes an estimate of the amount of your pension and your personal earnings limit, i.e. the maximum amount of money you can earn from employment.

    A positive preliminary pension decision will be in force for nine months. With the decision, you will receive instructions on how to transition to a partial disability pension. Read more about what to do if you receive a negative decision.

  3. 3. Fill in the notice of retirement

    If you wish to transition to a partial disability pension, return the notice of retirement to us. It will be sent to you by post with the preliminary decision. You can also easily fill in the notice electronically in the MyPension service.

  4. 4. Pension begins

    You start receiving pension when we have received your notice of retirement and your salary is below your earnings limit.

Amount of partial disability pension

The amount of a partial disability pension is half of a full disability pension.

If your work ability declines during a partial disability pension

If your work ability declines while you are on a partial disability pension and you wish to apply for a full disability pension or a cash rehabilitation benefit, you need to fill in a disability pension application.

The easiest way to apply for pension is in our MyPension service. Attach to the application a Medical Statement B that is no older than six months.