Sustainability KPIs

Easy and reliable pension cover

KPI 1-21 Uninterrupted income

  • Fast pension decisions: processing time of old-age and disability pension applications compared to other employment pension insurance companies
  • Disability pension decisions upheld by the appeals court and difference with competitors

KPI 2-21 Cost-effective management of pension cover

  • Ratio of operating expenses to expense loading components and loading profit

KPI 3-21 We promote work ability

  • Effectiveness of rehabilitation: return-to-work rate in percentages
  • Usefulness of services and affect on personnel's work ability

Open and transparent

KPI 4-21 We keep your information secure

  • Notifications of personal data security breaches to the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman

We invest sustainably

KPI 5-21 We manage pension assets

  • Return on investments and solvency ratio

KPI 6-21 Footprint of investment operations

  • High carbon risk level max. 30% of the operations of the investees. Target 15% by 2025.
  • Energy saving measures in properties’ energy consumption

KPI 7-21 Active and engaging ownership

  • Number of engagement processes
  • Engagement processes that reached the targets during the year

Meaningful work

KPI 8/21 We will succeed together

  • The employee experience: Ilmarinen’s eNPS

KPI 9-21 A fair and diverse work community

  • Equality between genders at the work: the average salary of women compared to the average salary of men (excluding President and CEO / entire personnel)
  • Balanced share of both genders in supervisory and leading specialist positions