Pension from work carried out abroad

When you work abroad, you are usually covered by the social security of the country in which your work. Your pension and other benefits are determined based on the legislation of the country in which you work.

Accrual of pension from abroad

You primarily accrue pension abroad on work, but in some countries it is possible to receive pension based on residence only. Such countries include, for example, the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Australia, Israel and Canada.

Working abroad may affect the amount of your earnings-related pension accrued in Finland.

Pension from temporary work carried out abroad

If you work temporarily in an EU or EEA country, Switzerland or a social security agreement country and you have a certificate of posting, i.e. an A1 certificate (, you accrue pension in Finland. Find out which countries are EU or EEA countries or social security agreement countries.

You accrue pension in Finland also if a Finnish employer has posted you to work in a non-agreement country. Although you have accrued pension in Finland, it may also have been necessary to pay pension insurance contributions to the country of employment.

Apply for pension accrued abroad

When you wish to withdraw the pension that you have accrued abroad, you must apply for it.

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