Rehabilitation allowance or rehabilitation increment as income during vocational rehabilitation

During vocational rehabilitation, you will receive either a rehabilitation allowance or a cash rehabilitation benefit and increment from us. You will receive them from us when your vocational rehabilitation, for example a work trial or studies, begins.

Estimate the amount of your rehabilitation allowance

Your rehabilitation allowance is 33 per cent larger than your disability pension would be. You can estimate the amount of your rehabilitation allowance in MyPension service. 

If you have already received a preliminary decision on vocational rehabilitation from us, you will find an estimate of your rehabilitation allowance in the decision. The decision is available in MyPension service under your documents.

Payment of the rehabilitation allowance, if you are paid a salary

Your employer will pay you a salary for the duration of a paid work trial and job coaching and apprenticeship. In that case, your employer can have part of your rehabilitation allowance paid to him or her. In such situations, your income consists of a salary and the possible difference between the salary and your rehabilitation allowance. The rehabilitation allowance paid to your employer can be no more than your salary. If your rehabilitation allowance is larger than your salary, the difference will be paid to you.

Your employer will report the earnings payment data to us in the agreement or by filling in the employer's application for rehabilitation allowance form.

Working while receiving the rehabilitation allowance

You can work while receiving the rehabilitation allowance. If your salary does not exceed your personal earnings limit, your rehabilitation allowance will not be reduced. To find out what your earnings limit is, contact your rehabilitation specialist or our customer service. You can find the contact details of your rehabilitation specialist in the preliminary vocational rehabilitation decision you have received.

If you continuously receive a salary that exceeds your earnings limit, you may receive the rehabilitation allowance in the form of a partial rehabilitation allowance. The partial rehabilitation allowance is half of the full rehabilitation allowance amount.

Cash rehabilitation benefit and rehabilitation increment

If you have received from us a fixed-term disability pension, i.e. a cash rehabilitation benefit, you will receive a rehabilitation increment from us for the vocational rehabilitation period. The total amount of the cash rehabilitation benefit and rehabilitation increment is the same as the rehabilitation allowance.

Rehabilitation assistance

We can grant you discretionary rehabilitation assistance when you are drawing up your rehabilitation plan, for example. We can grant rehabilitation assistance only when you do not receive a salary and are not entitled to a sickness benefit, unemployment benefit or social assistance.

You can apply for rehabilitation assistance with a free-form application. A condition for receiving rehabilitation assistance is that you have received a positive preliminary decision on vocational rehabilitation from us.