Key Performance Indicators

Our sustainability operations are steered by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The indicators are based on the goals we have defined. The targets and their achievement are described in more detail in the Sustainability Report. Many of the corporate responsibility indicators are the same ones that we use to measure business and set targets.

Subject Indicator Target Outcome 2017
Cost-effective management of the basic task Costs covered by loading profit max. EUR 139 million, ratio of operating expenses to expense loading components 80% EUR 108.9 million, ratio of operating expenses to expense loading components 81.1% (before Etera merger) 
Best customer experience / Managing pension cover Speed of pension decisions Processing times remain at the good level of late 2017 Old-age pensions: 36 days Disability pensions: 76 days Rehabilitation decisions: 19 days  
Best customer   experience/Managing pension cover Disability pension   decisions upheld by the appeals court   Percentage of decisions amended by the appeals court15.6%
Best customer experience / Services for extending careers Benefit of  work-capacity management co-operation projects as experienced by   customers  Result of customer survey over 4.1 (on a scale of 1-5). 4.5
Best customer experience / Services for extending careers Effectiveness of  rehabilitation (percentage of rehabilitees available to the labour market at   the end of the rehabilitation)         Effectiveness better   than the industry average (those with and without a pension background) 69% (of all   rehabilitees)
Responsible   investment/Managing pension assets Total return on investments   7.2%
Responsible investment/Active ownership  Meetings with companies’ senior management (Finnish listed companies where we have direct investments)  80 companies 48 companies
Responsible investment / Responsibility as part of investment decisions  Share of business related to sustainable development solutions of the annual net sales of   direct listed equity investments 12% in 2020 7.5%
Responsible investment/Real estate investments Calculated energy savings in the properties owned by Ilmarinen achieved through energy   consumption reduction measures     –7% by 2020 (from   the 2014 level) 2,722 MWh
Responsible investment/Real estate investments Carbon footprint of real estate  –10% by 2020 (from the 2016 level) 38 kg CO2e/m2
Attractive employer/Energising   work community Employee survey, overall average   3.8 (on a scale of   1-5).
Attractive employer/Fairness of remuneration and incentives Women’s average pay   in relation to men’s pay (Executive Group excl. President and CEO/rest of the   personnel) The gap narrows Exec. Group excl.   President and CEO: 80% Other personnel: 78%
Code of   Conduct/Compliance Participation of employees in Code of Conduct training All new employees participate in Code of Conduct training  
Code of Conduct/Data   protection  The company’s operations are in line with the requirements of the EU’s General Data   Protection Regulation Data protection measures are implemented as planned in the data protection project. The data protection committee will monitor and guide the practical operations and further development after the project ends.  
Transparency/open   stakeholder dialogue Journalists’ satisfaction with media co-operation in the PR Barometer survey To maintain the top ranking Ranked no. 1

There are more indicators representing Ilmarinen's sustainability in practice in the Sustainability Report. The GRI Content Index gathers the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standard -sustainability indicators in the end of the report.