Logging in to the employer’s service

In the employer’s service, we have transferred to two-factor authentication. In connection with logging in, you will receive a one-time password sent to the email address indicated in your user information. For this reason it is especially important that your email address is up to date.

Were you unable to log in to the employer’s service with your credentials?

Do you have credentials for the employer’s online service, but you are unable to log in? We will begin using two-factor authentication in the employer’s online service.  You will need a user ID and password as well as a one-time password that we will send to your email address.

If you did not receive a one-time password, your email address may have changed or it may be missing entirely from your user information. Let us know your email address so we can add it to your information.

Send us your name, email address, social security number and user ID as a secure message.

I don't have credentials for the employer’s service

To access the online service, order a user ID for the service from us. To order the user ID, fill in the online service user agreement (PDF) and send it to us using the secure message. With the agreement, you can also authorise an accounting firm, for example, to manage your insurance matters.

If you are a temporary employer, you can use the Palkka.fi or Oima services, for example.